Dr Alan Griffiths

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Brief Description Dr Alan Griffiths studies atmospheric mixing and transport in the lower atmosphere within the Isotopes in Climate and Atmosphere Program. Activities include field data acquisition and analysis, including eddy covariance flux measurements;
lidar remote sensing of the boundary layer; and modelling studies using meteorological and dispersion models.
Recent work includes testing parameterisations in an atmospheric model using airborne radon measurements and mapping radon exhalation at the Australian land surface.
Email Address Alan.griffiths@ansto.gov.au
Family Name Griffiths
Given Name Alan
Related Info http://www.ansto.gov.au/research/institute_of_environmental_research/staff/staff/isotopes_in_climate__and__atmosphere/alan_griffiths
Salutation Dr
Street Address Institute for Environmental Research Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Road Lucas Heights NSW 2234
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Tags climate, Climate Models
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