Greg Lumpkin

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Brief Description Dr. Greg Lumpkin has an extensive scientific background in solid state physics, chemistry, and materials science, but most recently his research has focused on radiation damage effects and properties of materials of relevance to the nuclear
industry. Greg joined the Institute of Materials Engineering in 1989 as a research scientist. His main responsibilities are to contribute to the management of IME, provide research leadership,
and drive the development atomistic modelling capabilities in IME. These capabilities will form an integral part of our effort to conduct multi-scale modeling of nuclear materials designed for advanced nuclear systems
(e.g., Generation IV and fusion energy production). His expertise includes radiation damage effects in oxides and metallic compounds; solid-state chemistry and physics of nuclear materials; electron microscopy and microanalysis;
Crystallography; and Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits (e.g., Th and U minerals).
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Family Name Lumpkin
Given Name Greg
Street Address Institute Of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Road Lucas Heights NSW 2232
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Tags Materials, Crystallography, materials
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