Dr Andrew Smith

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Brief Description Andrew commenced work at ANSTO in 1989 on the then newly-acquired tandem accelerator, ANTARES. He is currently a Physicist in the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry team in ANSTO's Institute for Environmental Research.
His principal involvement in developing the AMS facility has been with the multi-sample ion source, the isotope cycling system and with ion beam optics. Since 1999 Andrew has been working on applications of long-lived radionuclides in
polar ice sheets as tracers and chronometers and in the development of ANSTO's capability to measure 14C in ultra-small carbon samples. Andrew is currently leading 'Radiocarbon signatures of greenhouse gases' in the
'Cosmogenic Climate Archives of the Southern Hemisphere' project. Andrew lead an expedition to Law Dome, Antarctica, in 2005 and retrieved a 260 m ice core, plus other snow and ice samples, principally for global climate change studies.
Email Address andrew.smith@ansto.gov.au
Family Name Smith
Given Name Andrew
Salutation Dr
Street Address Institute for Environmental Research Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Road Lucas Heights NSW Australia
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Tags Isotopes, climate, Spectrometers, Carbon 14 Compounds, Accelerators
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