Isotope and trace gas measurements from Lucas Heights (ANSTO) meteorological station (on going since 1/10/2008.)

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Applicable Start Date 2008-10-01 00:00:00
Brief Description Isotopic tracer data is being collected in the Lucas Heights region, from the ANSTO on-site 50-metre meteorological tower.
The FTIR based measurements are collected in-situ with a frequency of 1minute and species retrieved include the stable isotopes of water vapour, CO2, CH4, CO and N2O.
Geographical Location southlimit=-34.0519; northlimit=-34.0521; eastlimit=150.9827; westlimit=150.9830; projection=WGS84
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Subject arc-code/960202
Isotopic tracers
Atmospheric Transport
Stable Isotopes
Water vapour


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