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Brief Description Prof Michael James has BSc from the University of Sydney and a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Cambridge.
He is a Principal Research Scientist, manager of the chemistry laboratory and leader of the project to build a new PLATYPUS Time-of-Flight Reflectometer at the OPAL research reactor.
Since joining ANSTO in 1995 he has worked in numerous areas of neutron scattering; predominantly relating to powder diffraction of magnetic materials and reflectometry of ultra-thin organic films.
He has published more than 70 scientific papers in the areas of molecular thin-films, surface science, solid state-, polymer- and fullerene chemistry.
Since 2007, Michael has held a Professorial Visiting Fellowship at the University of New South Wales.
Family Name James
Given Name Michael
Phone Number +61 02 9717 9299
Salutation Prof

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