Isotopes for Water

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Brief Description The Isotopes for Water project is one of four key projects within ANSTOs Institute for Environmental Research.
It includes several research activities designed to provide decision makers with supporting information for better water resource management.
The Isotopes for Water project applies isotopic and nuclear techniques to provide valuable scientific knowledge that underpins effective management of groundwater and rivers, freshwater ecosystems, and the human activities that affect them.
The Isotopes for Water project has three areas of focus: Isotopes in the Hydrological Cycle, which examines the connectivity between surface and groundwater, groundwater ages and sustainable yields to improve rainfall-runoff models;
Aquatic Ecosystems Function, which looks at the impacts of water management, land use and climate variability on the structure and function of wetland and river ecosystems;
and Climate Variability and Water Resources, which uses natural climate archives and isotope-enabled models to assess the impacts of climate variability on catchment water resources.
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Visibility External RIFCS Published (0012)
Tags Rivers, Ground Water, Environment, climate, Tritium, environment, Hydrology
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